Apparel Startup BluePrint by EntreBeliever

Apparel Startup BluePrint

Just 3 years ago we launched Art of Homage in my living room. We had no formal design experience. We went from packing orders in my living room to an amazing industrial space where we design, create content, ship from our warehouse, and sell our product to raving customers all over the world. How did we do it? Join our community of brand owners and learn the techniques that have helped us turn an idea into a global brand that impacts people all over the world. 

The most comprehensive and easy follow apparel startup course all in one place.

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Introductory Guide - The BluePrint
Apparel Startup BluePrint.pdf
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How We Did it: Essential Guide to Starting a Brand.
Essential Guide to Building a Product Brand.pdf
2.83 MB
Making Your Money Work For You
Making Money Work.pdf
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A Complete Guide to Sourcing
A Complete Guide to Sourcing.pdf
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How to Create Product Photography
Art of Great Photography Guide.pdf
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Product Photography Video Tutorial.MP4
34 mins
Brand Photography with Models + Editing Techniques
Editing Studio model shots.MP4
30 mins
Brand Shots with Models.mp4
16 mins
A Complete Guide to Instagram
A Complete Approach to Instagram.pdf
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8 mins
6 mins
IG-Others pags we like.mp4
3 mins
IG-Epic Content 2.mp4
8 mins
7 mins
How to Create Facebook & Instagram Ads that Convert
How To Create A Facebook Ad That Converts Reference Guide.pdf
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VIDEO 1: What Makes for a Great Facebook and Instagram
7 mins
VIDEO 2: How To Create and Monitor Facebook
25 mins
VIDEO 3: How To Find the Right Audience for your
8 mins
Email Marketing that Works
A Guide to Great Email Marketing.pdf
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VIDEO: How To Do Email Marketing That Works.mp4
14 mins